Mug Of The Moment

Comes to us from Bill Sirmon – Workforce Development Office and Supply Chain Management master!


The Longest Month

Coffee is good, all of the time…even in the hottest month of the year.  However, while August is my least favorite month of the year, it is kind of like Christmas Eve, Eve.  The anticipation of September and months again having ‘Rs’ is exciting.

Here in the south, though fall begins in September, don’t be fooled…it is plenty hot.  One will not really need to break out the sweaters and sweats for a few more weeks.  That said, let’s raise a mug to shorter days, cooler nights and primo coffee drinking weather.

New ‘Mug Of The Moment’ – RIP

This is a first for us in the ‘Mug of the Moment’ category…a tribute to a fallen mug.

Sadly, we report one of our favorite mugs fell (pun intended) to the laws of gravity and has gone on to that great Shelf in the sky.  It now Rests In Pieces.

Coffee Mug - The Mountains Psalms

This was an exceptional mug for two reasons.  (1) its design kept the coffee hot longer and (2) it mentions the mountains.  Coffee and the mountains, two of our favorite things.

Because you never know when something like this can happen…don’t forget to hug your favorite mug today.



Mug Of The Moment

Happy New Year!

We have a new ‘Mug of the Moment’ coming to us from Lisa Poulos Williams of Suwanee, GA.  Lisa is an amateur photographer and took the amazing picture herself.  She got his mug from one of her favorite coffee shops and and says, “The color is my ‘gotta have some peace in my life today’ blue.”

MOTM - Lisa Poulos Williams

Thanks for sharing with us Lisa…we’ll see you at Three O’clock!

Months With R’s!

“Spinning around in circles, living it day to day,
and still, 24 hours, maybe 60 good years,
it’s really not that long a stay.” ~ Jimmy Buffett – Cowboy In The Jungle

I hope to have many more trips around the sun before I venture to the great Beyond.  In the meantime, I am basking in the joy that, for me at least, comes in celebrating the end of August.

We are just a couple of days into September and yesterday could not have been more perfect.  I started off the day in the best room of the house…our screened porch, with a cup of ‘nectar from the gods’ in one of my ‘game day’ mugs and it was so cool outside, I needed a blanket over my legs.  (Grabbing a blanket was a quicker option than changing from shorts.)


My beloved Bulldogs played a good game, I completed one of those projects I have been hitting the snooze button on for many months and the end result was great!

We kicked off a new season of ‘Time For Dervin’ ( and the early feedback has been exciting.

I got to start playing my ‘A Nip In The Air’ playlist, which are songs that remind me past autumns, cooler weather and, of course, months with r’s.

College football, oysters back in season, breakout the sweatshirts, sweaters, apple scented candles, trips to north Georgia, hot chocolate and fires.

Now, I am up early enjoying the day of rest and looking forward to just that.  I intend to milk every day I can while during this season because it seems time continues to fly.

More laughing, more simplicity…less of anything else.

See you at Three O’clock!


Mug Of The Moment

Yea, yea, yea, I have said it before and will prolly say it again.  I hope to be more active with fresh content here.  In the mean time, here is my newest mug of the moment.

We got this at an art show in Chattanooga, TN the weekend we were there to see Brian Regan, one of our favorite comedians.


Every Now And Then – The Martyn House

Every now and then you find something that truly gives meaning to the word ‘special’.

This weekend I found ‘The Martyn House Espresso Bar and Bistro’ in Ellijay, GA.

If I had the ability to pull from my mind all the thoughts, dreams and ideas of what would make my perfect coffee shop, they have been found at the Martyn House.

Often, when one finds a ‘best kept secret’ they want to keep it just that, a secret…something to keep to themselves.  However, this is not in this case.

I want everyone to experience this amazing and unique coffee shop.  I want it to thrive and flourish.  I want it to be tough to find a seat but worth the wait.  I want to run into fellow coffee lovers and it somehow come up in the conversation and I want to get excited when I walk in the door each time I visit.

Most of all, I want it to stay exactly the same.

Visit their website by clicking here

The Martyn House - Outside

The Martyn House - Inside 1

The Martyn House - Inside 2

The Martyn House - Inside 5

The Martyn House - Inside 4

The Martyn House - Inside 3

The Martyn House - Inside 6

The Martyn House - Inside 7




Automatic Espresso Machines vs. Manual Machines

One of the most awesome things on which you can reflect about modern technology is the automatic advancements that have been made over the course of generations. Just think back to the first automobiles on the road. Did you know that people would have to wind them up manually via a gear box to get them to run? The same thing is true with old clothes dryers. You personally would have to turn the barrel by hand over a heating source. Needless to say, today’s machines are far superior, and the automatic nature of technology certainly helps out with convenience. And you can also find these fully automated machines able to brew your espresso at home. Automated machines are relatively new, but already they’re taking off tremendously.

Of course, automated machines aren’t the only type of machine on the market. You can still find manual espresso machines if you’re inclined in that way. So, which machine is the right type for your personal tastes? Let’s have a look at automated and manual machines to figure things out.

Which Type of Machine Is Right for You?

First up on the list, let’s talk a little bit about manual machines, often called manual level machines. These are machines that don’t do much in the realm of automation. Everything that needs to be done here will essentially need to be done by you personally. You will have to grind your coffee beans separately. Then, after the beans have been ground, you will have to tamp them down into the puck-like shape necessary for brewing espresso. After that, you will have to pull the level to force the steam through the coffee grounds. The harder you pull it, the better the espresso will be. As you might imagine, this is quite a lot of work. And adding to that work is the fact that most manual lever machines have, at best, very basic milk frothers which require a lot of effort. They can still make some of the best coffee you’ve ever had, and they’re certainly a lot more affordable, but the word “manual” is definitely key here.

More expensive than manual models, automated espresso machines can basically do it all. They are often referred to as “bean-to-cup” machines, and that’s because they not only grind the beans for you, but they also tamp the beans down, brew the espresso, and then froth the milk for you. All you need to do, with most models, is make sure the machine has enough water in it. These machines have a lot of moving parts and a lot of power. They can easily tamp down your coffee and force the steam through, and the contained milk frothers do the work in a hands-free fashion that allows you to simply place you cup under the nozzle when you’re ready for the milk.

As you can plainly see, both types of machine produce quality espresso, but one takes your manual labor, while the other is automated. Think about things like your budget and how much time you have to make your coffee. Weigh your decision carefully before deciding which machine type is right for you.


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