Nectar of the gods

Well, we got ‘bumped’ from Twitter because I had the ‘three o’clock pot’ announcement set on ‘auto-pilot’, to post each day and they did not like that. I will have to work on getting a new Twitter presence.

In the mean time, the months have ‘R’s’ and as the days are shorter, a good cup of coffee in the afternoon is even more important!

As for me and my house…we are particular to a ‘wholesale club’s’ brand of coffee beans that are roasted by a very famous coffee chain. Finally, after way too many times of buying eight pounds of beans at a time, I started grinding them at the store and let me tell you, it is wonderful! Yes, I know one should wait to grind them daily but it is a sacrifice I am will to make.

Time to start churning the wheels of commerce and make a fresh pot…the sun will be up soon and as we all know, coffee is what lubricates those wheels!


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