We Retire Another Mug

I have so many mugs, I have to keep them stored through out the house…but the place I keep the retired mugs is special. The ‘Wall of Fame’ is in my little music room, surrounded by guitars, hundreds of old LPs and, of course, other mugs. Today, we share with you my ‘University Club’ mug as it is welcomed by previous all-star mugs. As you can see from the picture, it is starting to lose some of its detail from too many trips through the ole dishwasher.

Mug - University Club

The University Club is where I use to stay when I was in Washington DC. No, I am not a member nor will I ever be one but thanks to a friend of the company, we were allowed to stay there and it was always a treat. Having breakfast next to the majority leader of the Senate or the Chief Justice of the Supreme court can be a bit surreal but…the good news is, the coffee tasted the same.


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