How Do You Like Your Three O’clock Cup?

If you are one that enjoys to partake from the Three O’clock Pot (Coffee, that is) or at any other time. Send us your ‘recipe’ for the perfect cup. If you make a good case, we will post your recipe and give you some well-deserved publicity!

I will get things started:

Admitted Coffee Snob Here: (This is the short version) Coming Soon…the unabridged version, with pics!

1. Dark Roast/K-Cup
2. Two ‘Pink Envelopes’ of sweetener but not a full two, I leave a bit…closer to 1.75.
3. Powder creamer…name brand; 1 1/2 ‘scoops’

Submitted By:
Bobby Darnell, Principal – Construction Market Consultants, Inc.///

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One thought on “How Do You Like Your Three O’clock Cup?

  1. K-cup? Say it “ain’t” so!! You have to start out with whole coffee beans, grind them to your liking, 1 tablespoon per every 6 oz and one (or two.. depending on how “rounded” the tbsp were)for the pot! Sometimes I make 1/2 coffee and 1/2 steamed milk and sugar (yep….real sugar). I drink it any way but black! bleh…. as snoopy would say. Why use the pink stuff? Is it saving calories. If so, the calories of real sugar are negated by the simple action of stirring coffee and lifting that heavy coffee mug! Cheers!

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