My Recipe – Bobby Darnell

  1. Name:  Bobby Darnell, Principal at Construction Market Consultants, Inc.
  2. Location: Suwanee, GA (Northeast Metro Atlanta)
  3. Brand of Coffee: I am on a ‘membership’ order via for a dark French roast, single cup.  This means I get a box of 80 cups per month, automatically and it is a great deal.
  4. Delivery Method: Keurig!  Yes, I did not believe the hype at first but I am a fan.
  5. Recipe:  I start off with two ‘pink envelopes’ and I pinch the bottom so I am only getting about 1.75 packs.  Two is more than I like and one is not enough.Next, it has to be light.  I use one and a half teaspoons of a name brand powder creamer that I buy in big containers at my local price club.
  6. Favorite Container:  Depends on the season.  I have a fairly robust mug collection so it changes…I am now drinking from a mug I got at a ski resort in Colorado.
  7. Promotion:  Since we know that coffee is the lubrication for churning the wheels of commerce, we are a small business development, sales, marketing and executive placement company for the construction industry.Visit us at or our marketing blog

‘See’ you at Three O’clock!

Bobby ‘D’

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