Coffee Recipe – Nat

I think it is way appropriate for the first ‘non-me’ recipe to come from Nat.  She worked with me at the place where the ‘Three O’clock Pot’ all began.

  1. Name: Natalie, Nat, Natahala, Nat-Nat, Nit-Nat  (whatever!)
  2. Location: Cumming, GA
  3. Brand of Coffee: Starbucks Veranda or Espresso (depends on the amount of lube I need!)
  4. Delivery Method: Verisimo
  5. Recipe: 1 steamed milk pack, 1 coffee pack, 2 splenda’s
  6. Favorite Container: My favorite coffee cup is a clear one.  I don’t know why, but it
    makes me feel high class, and you gotta feel it to believe it!
  7. Promotion:  Cake Envy, home of high-end custom wedding cakes!

New Mug of the Moment

Trying to invoke some warmer weather here. (Note to Mother Nature…I said ‘warmer’, not 93 degrees and 90% humidity, thank you.)

I pulled this one from the mug museum here and will give it a quick review as well.

Very solid mug, well made. The handle is sturdy and allows for a nice one or two finger grip. Overall, a great mug.

Margaritaville Mug

There is even great coffee in Margaritaville!

My Recipe – Bobby Darnell

  1. Name:  Bobby Darnell, Principal at Construction Market Consultants, Inc.
  2. Location: Suwanee, GA (Northeast Metro Atlanta)
  3. Brand of Coffee: I am on a ‘membership’ order via for a dark French roast, single cup.  This means I get a box of 80 cups per month, automatically and it is a great deal.
  4. Delivery Method: Keurig!  Yes, I did not believe the hype at first but I am a fan.
  5. Recipe:  I start off with two ‘pink envelopes’ and I pinch the bottom so I am only getting about 1.75 packs.  Two is more than I like and one is not enough.Next, it has to be light.  I use one and a half teaspoons of a name brand powder creamer that I buy in big containers at my local price club.
  6. Favorite Container:  Depends on the season.  I have a fairly robust mug collection so it changes…I am now drinking from a mug I got at a ski resort in Colorado.
  7. Promotion:  Since we know that coffee is the lubrication for churning the wheels of commerce, we are a small business development, sales, marketing and executive placement company for the construction industry.Visit us at or our marketing blog

‘See’ you at Three O’clock!

Bobby ‘D’

The Recipe

OK, this week we will start sharing our ‘recipe’ for a great cup of coffee. If you want to share yours, email us and answer the following:

  1. Name: (You can just do first name, last initial if you like)
  2. Location: (If you don’t want to be too specific, say ‘Metro Atlanta’ or ‘Middle, GA)
  3. Brand of Coffee: (Or type)
  4. Delivery Method: (Type of machine)
  5. Recipe: (How you like it and feel free to be as specific as you like)
  6. Favorite Container: (You know, ‘My Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Mug’, etc.)
  7. AND, because you know we love business, feel free to give a shout out to your business or cause.

Send your ‘recipe’ to us at: mycup {at} or via the comments section.

In the mean time…have another cup and a great day.

Bobby ‘D’

In the mean time…have another cup and a great day.

Bobby ‘D’

How Do You Like Your Three O’clock Cup?

If you are one that enjoys to partake from the Three O’clock Pot (Coffee, that is) or at any other time. Send us your ‘recipe’ for the perfect cup. If you make a good case, we will post your recipe and give you some well-deserved publicity!

I will get things started:

Admitted Coffee Snob Here: (This is the short version) Coming Soon…the unabridged version, with pics!

1. Dark Roast/K-Cup
2. Two ‘Pink Envelopes’ of sweetener but not a full two, I leave a bit…closer to 1.75.
3. Powder creamer…name brand; 1 1/2 ‘scoops’

Submitted By:
Bobby Darnell, Principal – Construction Market Consultants, Inc.///

Want to share your recipe?   Email us at

We Retire Another Mug

I have so many mugs, I have to keep them stored through out the house…but the place I keep the retired mugs is special. The ‘Wall of Fame’ is in my little music room, surrounded by guitars, hundreds of old LPs and, of course, other mugs. Today, we share with you my ‘University Club’ mug as it is welcomed by previous all-star mugs. As you can see from the picture, it is starting to lose some of its detail from too many trips through the ole dishwasher.

Mug - University Club

The University Club is where I use to stay when I was in Washington DC. No, I am not a member nor will I ever be one but thanks to a friend of the company, we were allowed to stay there and it was always a treat. Having breakfast next to the majority leader of the Senate or the Chief Justice of the Supreme court can be a bit surreal but…the good news is, the coffee tasted the same.