Coffee Recipe – Nat

I think it is way appropriate for the first ‘non-me’ recipe to come from Nat.  She worked with me at the place where the ‘Three O’clock Pot’ all began.

  1. Name: Natalie, Nat, Natahala, Nat-Nat, Nit-Nat  (whatever!)
  2. Location: Cumming, GA
  3. Brand of Coffee: Starbucks Veranda or Espresso (depends on the amount of lube I need!)
  4. Delivery Method: Verisimo
  5. Recipe: 1 steamed milk pack, 1 coffee pack, 2 splenda’s
  6. Favorite Container: My favorite coffee cup is a clear one.  I don’t know why, but it
    makes me feel high class, and you gotta feel it to believe it!
  7. Promotion:  Cake Envy, home of high-end custom wedding cakes!

Never Say Never

On our favorite blog about Business Development, Sales and Marketing (Building New Business there is an interesting post entitled ‘I Love It When I Am Wrong’.  (Click Here To Read) The post talks about lessons learned when one is proven wrong.

Well, chalk up a ‘lesson learned’ for us here at ‘The Three O’clock Pot’.  When the Single Cup’ brewers came out, their pricing alone as well as the pricing of the small ‘single cups’ quickly put this new technology into the ‘There Is No Way The Coffee Can Be That Good’ category.

That said, for this coffee lover…I have been proven wrong.  I now have one in the kitchen and one on the way for the office.   Holy cow do I love this machine and the coffee is makes!

As soon as I can ink and endorsement deal, the name of the machine will remain a mystery, publicly that is.  If you are curious, let me know and I will share.  In the mean time, I believe I shall have another cup.